The Value of Information Architecture

Filmed live at World Information Architecture Day, Manchester (UK), Juls explores the principles and practices of information architecture.

A thought provoking talk, suitable for newcomers and seasoned IAs alike,  Juls seeks to unpack the value of information architecture proposing three rhythms that undergird the process itself.

38 Minute Talk

Filmed at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, 18th February 2017

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Juls Hollidge


Juls is a strategist and information architect with an Honours Degree in Law from Queens University, Belfast. She co-founded Kore following six years experience in community relations and 15 years as a strategic consultant, agency director and public speaker.
She is a passionate advocate of holistic user engagement strategies within the context of wider organisational and public infrastructure; and is a popular conference speaker on the interplay of business strategy and information architecture.