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Understanding you and your users is the foundation for any successful project.

Research places observation, questioning and curiosity at the foundation of our work; providing you with insight and evidence that helps you understand your users, your own business and the wider context you operate in.

Understanding behaviour, motivations, needs and trends through a combination of research techniques, lays the groundwork for developing strategy and structure that optimises user engagement.


UX Research

Our User Experience Research creates an understanding of how and why your users engage with you and your services, focussed solely on the user and their journey. Journeys may be solely digital, cross-platform, the route to digital or within the built environment. 

Combining quantitative and qualitative research techniques, we utilise data to offer strategic insights able to transform your organisation and user engagement.

User-centred techniques allow us to create accurate portrayals of your users, predict their activity and test assumptions prior to development.

  • User personas and journeys
  • Emotion mapping
  • Touchpoint maps
  • Continuums and matrices
  • Card sort activities
  • Surveys
  • Prototype testing
  • Usability tests
  • A/B testing
  • Subject Matter Expert engagement

How UX Research informed the creation of a cross-platform business taxonomy

Ethnographic Research

Through observation and interaction with a user in their own environment, we offer a deeper exploration of user engagement that considers the impact their context has on user experience. The technique unearths evidence and insights that a user may never consider or assume inconsequential in standard interview and survey techniques.

Our ethnographic research has taken us to brothels and squats in Antwerp, the offices of client managers at HSBC's global headquarters, internet cafés in Delhi, UK blood donor sessions, arts centres in Beijing, Foursquare mayorships in New York and to Tahrir Square following the Cairo revolution.

  • Observation
  • Surveys
  • Contextual inquiry
  • On-location interviews
  • Service process flows
  • Journey Mapping
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Employing ethnographic research techniques with victims of human trafficking in Belgium

Client Research

Understanding you and your context is vital in helping you engage with users. We integrate the data we collect from you with UX research to identify clear objectives and deliver effective strategy and structure. Client research includes:

Identification of goals, objectives and plans for development

  • Interviews
  • Continuums and matrices
  • Workshops

Examination of organisational structure

  • Capacity evaluation
  • Management structure analysis

Analysis of communication channels and content including print, websites and apps

  • Web analytics review
  • Card sort activities
  • Social Media analysis

Scan of external environment including future trends

  • Competitor analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Big Data reviews
  • SEO research

How the decentralised structure of the Church of England became a content strategy asset