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What can the Skyscraper teach us about content structure?

Filmed live at World Information Architecture Day, London (UK), Matt unpacks some of the content structure propositions he recently published on UX Blog.

Matt takes us on a journey through the history of the skyscraper and the future of the elevator to propose new approaches to structuring layered user experiences.

28 Minute Video

Filmed at City University of London, 18th February 2017 (starts at 1hr 44mins)

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Matt Hollidge


Matt is an information architect, strategist, public speaker and co-founder of Kore; passionate about the connected application of information architecture and UX Research across digital and non-digital information systems.
He is a prolific generator of ideas and consults as a concept developer at Yes Mutha. In his spare time, Matt sells antique maps on Etsy and serves craft cocktails as The Amateur Mixologist.